Product Specifications


  1. Exposed Surfaces: Surfaces less than 72” above the finished floor that are visible after installation.
  2. Semi – Exposed Surfaces: Surfaces that become visible after opening doors, drawers or bottoms of cabinets that are between 30” and 42” above the finished floor.
  3. Concealed Surfaces: Surfaces not visible after installation or bottoms of cabinets that are less than 30” above the finished floor or tops of cabinets that are more than 72” above the finished floor.


  1. Delivery of product only after the building is climate controlled with ambient temperatures no more than 0 degrees and relative humidity between 25 percent and 55 percent.
  2. Proper storage includes protection from abrasive materials and construction activities.
  3. We are responsible for the safe packaging and shipment of materials that travel via our equipment or on prepaid freight.
  4. Shipping claims on products shipped freight collect or on customer’s account are not guaranteed. Any damage claims in this instance must be filed with the carrier.


  1. All products are guaranteed to be compliant with Custom Grade or better as set forth in the Architectural Woodwork Institute Quality Standards.
  2. We agree within one (1) year after delivery date, to repair or replace without charge any product, which is defective within the meaning of this guarantee.
  3. All products must be inspected upon arrival and all claims or complaints must be filed before additional work is done to the product. We do not agree to be responsible for any work, which was not originally performed by us.


  1. Core material is Industrial grade M2 Particleboard, CARB 2, 45 lb. density
  2. Exposed surfaces are clad in Brightline thermoplastic laminate with white laminate backer
  3. Semi exposed surfaces are white melamine
  4. Decorative Color Selections
    2. BRIGHTLINE Thermoplastic Laminate – Wood Grains
    3. BRIGHTLINE Custom Color Thermoplastic Laminate
  5. Hardwood doweled joinery
  6. 1/4″ Fully recessed back, mechanically fastened and glued
  7. 3/4″ thick full depth shelves 32″ or less in width.
  8. 1″ thick full depth shelves over 32″ wide.
  9. Shelves are banded are all edges
  10. Cabinet edges .020 PVC
  11. Five piece drawer box, 1/2″ melamine with 1/4″ fully recessed bottoms
  12. Drawer box banded all edges
  13. 3/4″ Stretchers between drawers
  14. Integral kicks with 3” recess unfinished


  1. Hinges, concealed 110 degree self-closing, clip on for quick release
  2. Optional 270 degree 5-knuckle institutional grade hinges with hospital tips
  3. 4″ wire pull satin chrome finish
  4. 5mm pin style shelf clips
  5. Full extension, 100 lb slides
  6. Cabinet metal hanging rail and adjustable mounting hardware

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